Top Tips for a Well Lit Bathroom

March 17, 2014

Bathrooms might not seem like a priority when it comes to choosing lighting for your home, but it’s the room that usually begins and ends your day. Making sure the lighting is effective and warm is a great way to help get you off to a great start and end on the right note.

Kichler Terna bathroom lighting and fan

Kichler Terna bathroom lighting and fan

Here are some tips to maximize your bathroom’s lighting potential.

Multiple Layers of Light

Layering light is key in any room, but critical when it comes to your bathroom. Recessed lighting, sconces, and decorative lighting can work as a cohesive unit to set the right tone.

Use Pendants with High Ceilings

Pendants are often overlooked when it comes to bathrooms, but if you have high ceilings they can add sophistication. Consider them if you have at least 9′ ceilings, just remember to make sure you still have enough clearance (basketball players be warned!).

Be Creative

Don’t feel tied to a traditional look. Creative lighting can add pop and playfulness to an overlooked space.

Avoid Lighting Above the Mirror

Lighting directly above mirrors can cast shadows on your face, making it difficult to apply makeup and shave. If you have the space, placing scones on either side of the mirror can make a dramatic difference.

While you’re at it, consider using halogen bulbs which will lighten up skin tones.

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