4 Front Door Lighting Ideas

November 18, 2014

Earlier this year, we talked about some general outdoor lighting tips. Now that the days are shorter and it’s getting dark out early, let’s talk about your front door lighting.

An important part of outdoor lighting, your front door lighting provides a few crucial functions:

  1. A visual focal point on your home after dark
  2. A design statement
  3. Identification, by making your house numbers clear to passers-by (including emergency personnel)

If you’re uninspired by your home’s front door, or your guests have a hard time finding your home, it may be time to upgrade your front door lights!

Here are some front door lighting ideas for you to consider:

Front door lighting ideas: Kichler Venetian Rain

Kichler Venetian Rain

These door-flanking outdoor wall sconces use ornate decoration and lavish curves to create depth and drama. At 37″ tall, these outdoor lights are a great design choice that bathing your front door with light. If you’re wary of the size, remember that your existing light fixtures are probably builder grade and too small for your home!

Front door lighting ideas: Kichler Tournai

Kichler Tournai

Combine outdoor wall sconces on either side of your front door with a matching pair of post-mounted light fixtures. This combination attracts visitors’ eyes at the road and draws them up the path to your house.

Front door lighting ideas: Kichler Rochdale

Kichler Rochdale

Try adding a pendant or ceiling fixture for a little extra glow. This is a great solution for providing some extra illumination when your front door has an overhang or porch.

Front door lighting ideas: Kichler Hatteras Bay

Kichler Hatteras Bay

A little more minimalist, this down-light sconce does double duty by lighting up the walkway and front door – as well as the house numbers that should be directly below the light. This arrangement works thanks to the unique window layout surrounding the top and right side of the front door.

If you’re looking for some more front door lighting ideas, don’t forget to check out our outdoor lighting inspiration page, and our Outdoor Lighting Pinterest board.