Floor Lamps Inspiration

Floor lamps are versatile light fixtures that provide light anywhere a side table and table lamp is unavailable or impractical. Use floor lamps to provide light to a chair or sofa without a side table. There are a wide variety of styles and finished for floor lamps. Generally, a floor lamp is 58 to 64 inches tall. The footprint, or amount of floor space table lamp requires varies depending on the style of the lamp.

There are many types of floor lamps:

  1. Torchiere a tall, slim floor lamp that aims light at the ceiling.
  2. Club Lamp another tall, slim floor lamp, with a shade that diffuses light.
  3. Glass Tray Lamp a club floor lamp with a glass tray inserted at table height level.
  4. Six Way Floor Lamp a workhorse floor lamp that casts a lot of light via a three-way mogol bulb and up to three additional bulbs. All of the bulbs can be used simultaneously or separately.
  5. Tower Floor Lamp an artistic floor lamp that looks like a sculpture and provides ambient light.
  6. Down Bridge Lamp this floor lamp is a good reading lamp thanks to a curved attachment at the top that directs light downwards.
  7. Pharmacy these floor laps provide very specific, direct light and allow you to adjust the height of the floor lamp as well as swing the light to the perfect location.

Looking for even more inspiration? You can also check out our Pinterest board for floor lamps!

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