Which chandelier is right for you?

October 15, 2014

A symbol of status and wealth from medieval times, the chandelier adds drama and style to nearly any type of decor.

Chandeliers have some benefits beyond their good looks. They accentuate the ceiling, drawing your eyes upwards (taller ceilings anyone?) and crystals intensify the illumination from lower wattage light bulbs.

Is that a Chandelier or Pendant? What’s the difference?

The main difference between a chandelier and a pendant is that chandelier lights are arranged in a branched system while pendant lights are hung from a single cord or chain.

Let’s look at some of the styles of chandeliers available, and when you might use them:

Kichler Gracie Chandelier

Traditional Chandelier

The traditional chandelier has ornate details like scrolls and filigree.

When to choose a traditional chandelier

Select a traditional style chandelier to add a sense of formality to a room. Use a traditional chandelier in an unexpected spot, like the kitchen, to add formal whimsy.

Kichler Crystal Sky Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

This style of chandelier amplifies light by reflecting the light off of each individual crystal. Crystal chandeliers can be expensive investments – especially when they are made out of real crystals, but options by companies like Kichler make crystal chandeliers that affordable for everyone.

When to choose a crystal chandelier

Select a crystal chandelier when you want a big, striking statement or to elevate the romance in your decor.

Kichler Parker Point Chandelier

Drum Chandelier

Drum chandeliers have one or multiple lampshades. The lampshades can surround the entire lamp or each individual light.

When to choose a drum chandelier

The drum chandelier has been on-trend in the last few years as a way to make the chandelier more approachable for modern decor. It can formalize and soften a more modern chandelier, or make a formal chandelier style more casual.

Kichler Roma Notte Chandelier

Transitional Chandelier

A transitional chandelier fills the design area between a traditional chandelier and a contemporary/modern chandelier. These chandeliers combine modern sleekness with the ornate designs and shapes found in a traditional chandelier.

When to choose a transitional chandelier

Transitional chandeliers fit nearly every interior design style.

Kichler Organique Chandelier

Rustic Chandelier

Rustic chandeliers are often made of branches, animal horns, plants, or distressed materials. This is a more casual style of chandelier.

When to choose a rustic chandelier

This is an ideal choice for a cottage or primitive decorating style. You could also select a rustic chandelier to contrast with super-modern furniture.

Kichler Larkin Chandelier

Mini Chandelier

These small versions of grand-scaled chandeliers make a big design impact without the requirement for extra-high ceilings.

When to choose a mini chandelier

Select a mini chandelier for bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, and closets. You can also opt to group a number of mini chandeliers for a larger impact.

Kichler City Lights Chandelier

Contemporary/Modern Chandelier

The design of contemporary or modern chandeliers is defined by words like clean, sleek, minimalism, and futuristic. Contemporary/modern chandeliers usually have few details.

When to choose a contemporary/modern chandelier

If minimalism is your thing, the contemporary/modern chandelier is your best choice.

Dolmabahçe Palace Ceremonial Hall Photo credit: hydro-xy

Dolmabahçe Palace Ceremonial Hall
Photo credit: hydro-xy

Nifty Chandelier Fact

According to Wikipedia, the world’s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier is located in the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. A gift from Queen Victoria , it has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tons!

Buying a Chandelier

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