4 Unexpected Places for a Chandelier to Shine

June 15, 2014

A beautiful, sparkly chandelier in an entryway or dining room is a common sight in many houses. However, there are other places where using a chandelier can make a great design statement. Let’s take a look at some unexpected locations for chandeliers!

Chandelier in bathroom1. Bathroom

It’s not where you’d typically see a chandelier, but why not? Sure, it won’t make for great task lighting if you’re standing at the mirror, but it will perform beautifully for ambiance and more general lighting when you’re enjoying that bubble bath.

Chandelier in bedroom2. Bedroom

Shabby chic, sophisticated, or just plain sexy, the chandelier makes a strong statement in the bedroom. It can also act as a way to raise your eyes in the bedroom to emphasize a high ceiling.

Chandelier at the cottage3. Cottage

Growing up, the cottage was the place of old furnishings and castoffs … but today the cottage is an equal opportunity to make a design statement, so why not light things up with a chandelier that fits your cottage style?

Chandelier in kitchen4. Kitchen

Chandeliers seemed so impractical as a lighting source in the kitchen until I saw this great example on Pinterest. Over an island or bar a chandelier, or pair of chandeliers, brings some imagination and sparkle to an area that usually focuses on very task-oriented lighting.

Do you have an example of an unusual location for a chandelier? Add a comment below or share with us on Facebook!

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